Maxton Rollerskate

Updated 08/02/2012

Identification VIN# Original Owner Current Owner Notes
Pre-Rollerskate Prototypes
"Mule" Bob Sutherland Paul Kelly Designed and built by Chris Lawrence
"Mille" Bob Sutherland Bob Sutherland. Jr., CO Designed and built by Church Green Engineering
Rollerskate Prototypes
The Experimental. Frame P1 Maxton Ben van der Linden Later issued VIN # 42
P2 Maxton "Maxton junkyard" The Rollerskate prototype
British Racing Green P3 Monte & Chris Payton Mike Whitfield, MD The Motorweek car
Rollerskates by VIN#
01 George Raterink  Ken Scheepers, TX  Production car #1
02 Garry Siegrist Garry Siegrist, IL
03 Maxton Eric Shark, CO Ex-factory demo
British Racing Green 04 Jim Watson, UT Jim Watson, MO
British Racing Green 05 Robert Baglin, IN
Black and Silver 06 Randy Buckle Randy Buckle 13B engine
07 Bob and Janet  Fletcher Frank Barrett, CO Sold as kit
08 Michael Kell, GA Michael Kell, GA 13B engine
1st customer car sold by Maxton
09 Charles Gordon, KS  Vern Anderson, MO
Black 10 Steve Spangler, UT Wayne Clausing, UT Sold as kit
Red 11 Rick Harvey, CO
12 Ken Long, UT Sean Roe, FL 13B engine
Prior owner Alan Singer
Red 13 Kevin Young, UT Carl Eshbaugh, TN
15 Bob Sutherland Bruce Biggs Long wheelbase
13B engine
Tokyo Show Car
16 Bill Rader, IL Bill Rader, MO
Red 17 Lee Barnett, WI Rollyn Anderson, WI 13B engine
19 Leroy Ketelhut Steve Visek, PA 13B engine
British Racing Green 20 Bill Gunkel, CO Bill Gunkel, CO Donated as fundraiser to Pembroke Hill School, KS
Long wheelbase
13B engine
21 Bruce Kent, CO Bruce Kent, WY Long wheelbase
13B engine
Black 22 Steve Macbeth, CO Steve Macbeth, CO 13B engine
Met. Champagne 23 Rick Siegrist, UT Rick Siegrist, UT 13B engine
Dark. Blue Metallic 27 Frank Hegg, IN Frank Hegg, MO Long wheelbase
Dark Green 28 Larry Goff Harrisonville, MO
Red 30 Karl Kemp, GA 13B
Quasar Blue 31 Dennis Wente, CO Dennis Wente, CO 12A engine
Red 32 Sold at B-J Auction, 1995
33 Todd Kraus, WI Todd Kraus, WI 12A engine
35 Kevin Swanson, WI Long Wheelbase
12A engine
37 Greg Young, IL Greg Young, IL 13B engine
38 Not Issued?
Green/Silver 39 Al Moulton, MA Much modified for autox and track use
40 Mike Melms Stan Chandler, UT 12A engine
Under Construction 42 Maxton Ben van der Linden, TX See P1 above
44 Anderson? Ron Hill Long Wheelbase
12a engine
45 Barcor?
46 Not issued?
47 Harlan Robinson, WY Harlan Robinson, WY
Silver 48 Milt Strang, NE
49 Josef Erner, CO Len Sumter, MS Long wheelbase
Originally auto trans
Pearl White 50 Forrest Kirby, UT Forrest Kirby, UT The last Rollerskate?
12A engine
51 Boyd Eliot Price, UT May have been renumbered
12A engine
Currently listed on
Unknown VIN#'s
Black/Gray ?? Boyd Eliot, UT
Dark Blue ?? Greg Sutherland Long wheelbase
Red ?? Sold by Kruse Int'l, 1998
?? Ron Gilliam, MO Ron Gilliam, MO
?? Fred Kroemer, WY
?? John Monum, CO
?? Thomas Powell
Red ?? Manuel Taveras
Maxtons of the Future
Under Construction Bob Sutherland, Jr., CO Bob Sutherland, Jr., CO Maxton Spyder


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